A Journey In The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum

By: Samar Ali

The Opening of Grand Egyptian Museum will be in MID-2021.

The grand Egyptian museum called also as GEM, is called as the fourth pyramid of Egypt.

The Grand Egyptian museum is under construction in Giza.

It is the Largest Archaeological Museum in The World, it will house a big amount of artifacts of Ancient Egypt, including the most famous one of King TUTANKHAMUN collection, and it will have a lot of artifacts that will be shown for the first time.

The Museum is silted a plot of land of about 480,000 square meters (5,200,00 sq ft ), approximately two kilometers from the Giza pyramid complex.

it has a beautiful view of the pyramids of Giza one of the seven wonders of the world.

So the Grand Egyptian Museum is :

The Largest museum in the world dedicated to one civilization with a target of 5 Million visitors annually.

2-GEM supports the preservation and conservation of Egypt’s cultural heritage as well as promotes Egypt’s tourism sector.

3-GEM complex was built on 117 acres in Giza at a cost of over a billion dollars.

4-GEM houses thousands of artefacts from ancient Egypt.

5- GEM will display the more than 5000 artifacts of ancient Egypt.

6- GEM has the first hanging obliesk in the world and the grand staircase is replete with monumental artefacts.

These words were written on the facebook page of the Grand Egyptian Museum-GEM.

So, The journey is :

The GEM is built on a slope and straddles the 162 foot difference in levels between the nile valley, where the main Galleries are situates, there are sculptures gardens in the museum park, while a massive statue of Ramsess ii will greet you upon entry into the main atrium.

As a result of the museum design, the entrance appears as a slit in the facade and the view to the entrance court is slowly revealed to the visitor. The transition space between the piazza and the entrance court is on axis with Ramses II - he appears in a fold of geometry.

Ramses II is the first point of reference within the Entrance Court. This shaded external space serves to orientate visitors to their desired destination. Museum visitors are invited through to the naturally lit Grand Staircase as it ascends to the main exhibition spaces. A smaller staircase leads the visitor up to Conference and Education Centers, whose foyers hover over the activity of the Entrance Court giving them a sense of identity while connecting them to the Museum experience.

The Nile Park descends, from the Lands of Egypt, into the Entrance Court, indicating the opportunity available to the visitor to explore the landscape beyond. VIP, researcher and children’s gallery visitors may proceed directly to their destination via the Entrance Court.

From here, the grand staircase, which leads from valley level to plateau, will be lined with 87 statues of kings and gods of ancient Egypt.

Stretching for a length of 64 meter and rising 24 meters, with a width of 85 meters at the bottom and 17 meters at the top, the Grand Staircase will create one of the principle chronological streams that will define the story line of the museum for the visitors. Artifacts displayed along its length will introduce and illustrate the history of Pharaonic Egypt.

The exhibition to Grand Stair is ordered by the chronological grid, This exhibition brings the visitor from modernity, which is Cairo, back in time to antiquity at the top of the stairs, which is the view to the pyramid complex, From this pyramid outlook, the visitor enters the permanent exhibition spaces, The Grand Stair is flanked by Temporary Exhibition, Children’s Gallery and researcher’s entrance.

The main gallaries:

The Grand Egyptian Museum is the encyclopedia of the Egyptian pharaonic culture exhibiting high quality artifacts of finest collections carrying the latest scientific information on these artifacts, including the panels and the labels, as well as many other information systems with a variety of Audio/Visual integration representations. All texts will be easy to read and audio guide trails easy to follow.

The display will be aimed primarily at the interested adult, but it will meet the needs of audience ranging from the casual enquirer to the specialist and provide different types of learning resources for different learning styles. The primary display will have high visual impact. The way the objects and showcases are arranged will be visually stimulating. The objects will be selected on the basis of their ability to illustrate the diversity of the collections and the theme of display in a vivid manner.

The visitors will be drawn into the story of ancient Egypt from the moment they enter the permanent galleries, which laid out in a largely chronological sequence and illustrated by interweaving themes in four major trays;

A: Prehistory, Pre-dynastic, Early Dynastic, Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period,
B: Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period,
C: New Kingdom,
D: Third Intermediate Period,Late Period and Greco-Roman Period.

Every display and gallery will have definite themes or sense of context to serve the museum concept.

The gallery of King Tutankhmun collection will be the highlight of the visit for most tourists. The dramatic lighting will accent the golden treasures of the tomb, which will be augmented by layers of information. This exquisite gallery displays about 4000 artifacts of the young king as his belongings, a collection that is most complete of all collections.

All these categories organized by the themes and ideas like:

Beliefs and eternity, kingship and power, society and so on.

At the end you as visitor will led right back to a beautiful tall glass windows, which look out toward the pyramids.

To the right of staircase are then Tutankhamun galleries.

Also there is a children museum within the museum that explain the ancient Egyptian civilization to the kids.

How Much it will Cost?
The ticket price for foreigners will be 400EGP, around 25 dollar, with 50 percent discount for students.

Dr, Tarek Tawfik the general supervisor of the GEM, assured sush facilities will include managing and operating shops and restaurants (including these overlooking the Giza pyramids). a conference hall, a movie theater, a traditional crafts and arts center, bookshops, open areas available for events and a multifunctional building.

The ministry of antiquities shall be solely responsible for managing all matters relating to the security, maintain and restoration of artifacts in restoration labs, storages and exhibition halls.

The grand Egyptian museum complex is extremely flexible and suitable for permanent and temporary exhibitions with an attendance up to 15,000 visitors per day, it contains a library, a museum for children, and one for people with disabilities and parking facilities.

The new museum is designed in such a manner to create a world class complex capable, The technological infrastructure of the complex allows (through utilizing the latest computer and communication technology) for the creation of modern archives and a library capable of facilitating the management, maintenance, and preservation of the collection, as well as research-related activities.

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